Weekly Lesson Plan

By | October 17, 2012

A teacher should be a good planner and thinker because these two qualities make a teacher successful. It is necessary for teacher to plan lessons and manage classroom behavior effectively to control all activities of students. Lesson planning is a vital skill for all teachers because without it a teacher cannot teach effectively according to given time. It is the responsibility of teachers to plan and implement the lesson with the consideration of academic time period. It helps a teacher to teach well by addressing all problems regarding students. Lesson plan is designed following a specific format and its effectiveness depends on the skills of teachers. It requires time and extreme care to design an effective lesson plan because your single mistake can ruin your all efforts. It is necessary to consider time constrain and mental ability of students while designing a lesson plan so that your lesson plan can effectively communicate what you want to communicate with it. Here is a useful Weekly Lesson Plan Template that can help any teacher to quickly create comprehensive teaching plans.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Common Mistakes while Writing Lesson Plan

There are some common mistakes that should be considered while writing lesson plan because these mistakes can decrease the effectiveness of your lesson plan:

  • It is necessary to specify the objective of lesson because an objective summarize about probable outcomes of lesson plan. Poorly drafted objectives will lead you toward wrong conclusion and ultimately failure of your lesson plan.
  • Prepare a lesson assessment because it helps the teachers to determine whether the objectives have been accomplished or not. Assessment should be based on the learning behavior of your class and objectives of your lesson plan. Poor assessment or no assessment will spoil your all efforts.
  • It is necessary to specify perquisites of your lesson plan according to the needs of students to effectively accomplish all objectives of lesson planning. It is not easy to determine perquisites because it requires some research according to the mental ability of students.
  • Materials specified in the lesson plan should be relevant because irrelevant material can decrease the effectiveness of your lesson planning. You have to keep the list of material in line according to your planning.
  • It is necessary to set instructions according to your students to engage them in learning. It can increase your efficiency because you can achieve maximum goals with fewer efforts. It is obvious that instructional efficiency is beneficial for the career of students.
  • Do not forget to describe the activities of students in your lesson plan and these should be related to the objectives of students. It is necessary to keep students engaged and interested in lesson to accomplish your lesson objectives.

Purpose of lesson plan is to communicate your message effectively to your students. It is necessary to be careful about all above mistakes while lesson planning because these mistakes can ruin your all efforts.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Weekly Lesson Plan Template,

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