Warranty Certificate Design Sample

By | September 20, 2016

On buying any items, customers require a written note of assurance to ensure that the items or items they are buying will be free of problems and work for long. “Warranty” or “Guarantee” are two terms that are used interchangeably. Warranty or guarantee certificate comes with all kind of merchandise, especially electronic devices, which states the term of repair or replacement regarding any problem or other issues within an announced time period.

Warranty Certificate is essentially a contract agreement that the solutions or items you are selling will be meeting particular high quality requirements without any problems. Warranty of course means the company’s advanced level confidence in the standard and performance of their products or services. Generally, Warranty Certificates are from the producers, but it has become an important tool for the third parties to offer Warranty Certificates or assurance cards with the items they sell. Warranty Certificates play the same role regarding solutions as of merchandise.

If a customer is not provided a Warranty Certificate, they may write a correspondence to declare warranty describing all the mistakes and details of products or services bought. Sometimes, producer companies provide specific papers of conditions, and warranty declaration to the suppliers. Then suppliers issue Warranty Certificates to the customers. There are no set guidelines for providing warranty; it can be either a short papers, or just a card with warranty note on it provided to the customer.

Here is a very good looking Warranty Certificate Template created by WordTemplates.org that can easily help you in creating your very own certificate.

Warranty Certificate Template

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However, it should clearly list the company name, item name, sequential variety / item variety plate, and exact and apparent conditions of warranty, so that warranty becomes lawful and formal to the customers. Material and conditions mentioned in the Warranty Certificate should be complete and easily understood by the customer to prevent any misunderstandings, lawful statements, or conflicts in case of mistake, return, or alternative. While providing a Warranty Certificate, include only affordable conditions of warranty that are not likely to be out of your wallet or beyond the budget.

The truth is that when you sale your item or support, you are giving some anticipations to the client about the quality of the products or services as intended assurance. For example, while purchasing a phone, a client desires that it will be working with all features it is offering, or while purchasing a motorcycle, a client desires it will drive long when you start it.

A Warranty Certificate can be incredibly valuable promotion. Using this device, you are actually trying to lower the recognized threat that the client seems in purchasing products or services. Put yourself on the customer’s side to decide what a client may be looking for in a Warranty Certificate to be included when they are purchasing products or services. So think the ways to ensure that products or services sound less dangerous to a potential client. For instance: refund policy, free repair for a particular time interval, or replacement of the item within announced time interval from the date of purchasing.

Allow me talk about an important point here. If you want to sell your item with little markup to help benefit from support, then support should not be protected in guarantees. You can offer assurance of an item but not the safety of an item. Supplier in only responsible for the assurance conditions described on Warranty Certificate, but not for the losing or damage of the item due to irresponsible actions.

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