Tenancy Contract Template

By | May 10, 2015

Tenancy contracts can be design following variety of formats, design and languages. It is commonly used by all landlords in order to communicate all terms and conditions to the tenants. It is important to write a perfect contract while renting your property to make the tenants aware about occupancy terms and conditions. There are different types of tenancy agreements that depend on the tenancy period. Most common agreement is known as month-to-month tenancy that is written for tenancy of 30 days at a time. Landlord has right to include important terms and conditions in his/her favor in order to protect his/her property. In case of breach of contract and violence of any terms or conditions, the landlord has right to terminate the contract with notice of one month. The contract can be for 1 to 5 years so it is necessary to clearly include all terms and conditions appropriately.

Tenancy Contract TemplateMistakes in Tenancy Contracts

Rental laws vary from state to state but every state encourages to design an effective tenancy contracts in order to avoid all probable disputes. Sometimes, even after signing tenancy contracts either party or both parties have to face some disputes and it is just because of carelessness while writing tenancy contracts:

Signing a Tenancy Contract without Reading It Carefully

Tenancy agreement is an important document therefore it is necessary to prepare it carefully and read it twice after its completion. This document is important to protect all rights of landlord and tenants therefore it is necessary to read it carefully before signing it because signing without reading can create problems for you in future.

Do not Sign Undesirable Contract

It is necessary to read all terms and conditions carefully and do not compromise on those rules and regulations that are against your lifestyle because this can trouble you in long run. Some landlords restrict entrance of pets therefore it is necessary to check for it. Do not accept any such type of terms and conditions because these can disturb your whole lifestyle and in long run some legal issues can be created.

Keep Everything in Written

It is necessary to keep everything in written because oral agreement has no legal authentication therefore avoid this mistake because in absence of written tenancy contracts lots of legal issues can be caused. Lots of misunderstanding can be created between landlord and tenant therefore it is necessary to keep everything in written.

Avoid Illegal Provisions

Do not include any illegal provision because it can cause serious troubles. There are different provisions that are illegal and should be prohibited to include in the tenancy contracts such as:

  • A provision that charges a late fee greater than 10 percent of the monthly rent should not be included in the tenancy contracts.
  • Tenant has right to refund prepaid rent or a deposit and you cannot restrict your tenant to get refund of prepaid rent.
  • Landlord has no right to take the precious property of tenants after their eviction therefore you cannot include this provision in your tenancy contract.

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