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Pest Control Service Invoice Template

When a pest control service provider i.e. a company or an agency provides pest control services to a client either residential or a commercial, once the job is completed, the contractor sends a notification letter to the client explaining the expenses, details of the services and the charges or money the client owes to the… Read More »

Hourly Service Invoice Template

When a contractor or a handyman is hired by an individual or a company on hourly basis, as soon the worker completes his work, he sends a document to the client. In this letter, the services that were provided are explained along with the details of the hours the worker or contractor spent on the… Read More »

Computer Service Invoice Template

When an individual or an organization for computer repair purposes hires a computer repair and maintenance agency, as soon the agency completes its job, the contractor sends a document to the client or employer who was provided the services. This document includes the details of the services, the hours spent on the job and the… Read More »

Cleaning Service Invoice Template

If you ask any cleaning person i.e. maid or a janitor what’s the most amazing thing about cleaning job, they will probably answer the same that the most amazing thing about cleaning work is when they get paid. In most cases when an individual hires a cleaning person for his residence or when a company… Read More »