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By | August 6, 2016

We know that humans are social animals. The social culture acknowledges some deeds and bestows awards to individuals who perform that work. Today’s social culture is full of uncountable number of awards in the form of, medals, decorations, prizes, titles, and certificates. It would be difficult to find any areas of life in which awards are not given Awards are as ubiquitous in monarchies as in staunch republics. As Individuals have an innate desire to distinguish themselves from other individuals, same is true for the students. Every student has a strong urge to be better than others. In the analysis presented here, the quest for social distinction is taken to be a hardwired trait of human nature.

Students are awarded in miscellaneous areas. Every student is a genius, Some are leaders in sports while the other rule academics ,Besides these two areas there are students, who achieve merit in completely different scenario for example some students are punctual throughout the year .There are a number of students who are hygienically efficient. Thus, every child has some distinct quality which should be awarded to encourage their talent and performance. Here are some of the examples of student awards

End year awards for top scorers, award for struggling students: like giving certificates on reading many books in the vacations. Obedience award for the most obedient students. Awards given in particular subject area: Like mathematics champion award, scientist of the year award, Best historian awards and many more. Awards can be giving as trophies, medals materialistic elements or monetary prizes. Although these awards are also a good approach to value your students but the best style to recognize a student’s performance or ability is to bestow him an award certificate .This certificate is kept as a memorable record and can be presented to get credits in further studies. They will be helpful in getting a job also.

Like other award certificates, the student award certificates have the same format. Here is preview of a Free Students Award Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Student of the year certificate template


The title displays the area in which the award is given. As kids become happy with unique vocabulary therefore a thrilling title will be best –fitted while designing the student award for example. Though the remaining body the student award certificate couldn’t be modified as it enlists the name of presenter and receiver with the date, therefore you can incorporate catchy wordings to describe the subject in which the student is getting the award. The institution’s logo usually lies on the top left. A big golden marked seal will let your child feel like a graduated fellow. You can integrate images in your award certificate either as a solo image or as a full background. Make sure that the image is relevant to the topic in which the award is given. Bold margins or floral borders can be more engaging for the students. Decorative fonts are well-suited for such types of student’s awards .The colored text will enhance the look of the award. Uniqueness of design from year to year. Consider a design tweak each year to make each award specific or select a physical design and do not alter it. Either option can add a certain feel and finesse to your award.

Here is download link for above shown Students Award Certificate Template,

Download Students Award Certificate Template

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