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By | November 4, 2016

The research paper is basically designed in order to find any possible solution for biological or social problem. Vital elements that constitute a successful research paper are discussed bellow:

  • Title
    • Generally it describes the topic of the research paper.
    • The title should be clear, precise and capable to grasp the reader’s attention.
    • The title should convey some informative aspects given in the research paper.
  • Table of contents
    • It simply lists down all the important aspects that are given along with page numbers.
  • Introduction
    • State the problem that motivates you to initiate research.
    • Describe the significance and background of the selected title.
    • Illustrate basic objectives and aims of the research project.
    • Discuss the expected outcome of research paper.
  • Literature Review
    • It’s concerned with a detailed review of previous studies conducted on the subject under discussion.
    • This review is important because it further polishes one’s skills to conduct a research activity.
    • In literature review the opinion of other writers on the subject matter is studied a narrated with proper citation.
  • Generate a hypothesis
    • A hypothesis is a tentative statement that will be proved right or wrong when final findings will be found.
    • A hypothesis should be of comparable nature because you have to compare it with the results in order to prove it.
    • It should a measurable entity.
    • It should not be too generalized.
    • Hypothesis can be proved by adopting following reasoning mechanisms :
    • Inductive reasoning: specified à generalized
    • Deductive reasoning: generalized à specified
  • Methodology
    • This refers to all the methods and approaches used in order to obtain the required results.
    • Every practical step taken for achieving prescribed aims and objectives are included in this section.
    • The method given should be narrated in a reader friendly manner because its purpose is to assist the reader to get an idea how certain results were achieved.
    • Here you will describe the whole procedure or experimentation performed on any sample with reasonable details and explanations.
    • It has some explanation related to the variables used in your project against these variants your results will get verified.
  • Results
    • As the name indicates it sums up all the outcomes of the whole research procedure.
    • Basically, it is a numerical representation of the findings gathered after going through a strenuous procedure.
    • Results can be represented by using different methods like:
      • Maps
      • Graphs
      • Tabulated representations
  • Discussions
    • In this section you need to interpret your numerical results.
    • It describes strong justifications in order to validate your findings.
    • Another important aspect is to illustrate how the results validate the formulated hypothesis.
  • Conclusion
    • The purpose to write a conclusion is to reinforce the results in the form of a strong and solid statement.
    • It should include major findings of the research project.
  • Recommendations
    • Recommendations are suitable suggestions made that can be utilized to avoid the detected problem or may be to minimize the issue.
  • References/Biblography
    • It states the proper source of all the material, theories and stats taken from previous studies utilized in paper to endorse your main idea.
    • This helps to maintain the authenticity and credibility of the project.

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