Project Report Writing Tips

By | June 9, 2016

A successful project report aims to grasp the attention of the reader. Along with it a good research report will always try to add bulk to the reader’s knowledge about the topic under discussion. It depicts proper unbiased analytical  review of the subject matter with appropriate and promising evidences in the favor of the topic. One of the most important aspect to make your report successful is to stick to a specific point while writing a research report. This objective can be achieved if you’ll try to answer the specific problem that is the reason to initiate a research. This also helps in maintaining consistency and relevance to the topic.  Try to avoid writing any sort of  misleading information that can sway you away from the topic. The main thesis statement of your research project should be realistic and measurable. Because later on it will be used to evaluate your arguments and interpretations given in the paper. The evidences cited in the paper must be taken from some authorized source. Research paper cannot imprint required impact if there is no rigid time frame given to achieve specific objectives.  Mentioning the scope and limiting factors of your research work will also enhance the value of the research report. A relatively professional research report will be properly designed against strict structural requirements. This characteristic makes the report friendly  for a reader because it provides an opportunity to ignore the technical terms. Just structured look of a report is not enough.

Here is a high quality but free to download Project Progress Report Template created using MS Word that might assist you,

Project Status Report Template

Properly organized report requires a strong substance to support it. The material given in the report should provide ample insight to the reader about the factors, situations that are responsible for a particular problem that is under discussion. At the same time it should propose some applicable suggestions in order to cater that problem. It’s strange for some people, but it’s very true that  simple language is required to make the report impressive for the reader. Simple but correct language is a key to the success of any research report. All the graphs, figures and tabular illustrations should be given with proper and self-explanatory captions. It would seem more appropriate if these figures are given along with the related text. This will prevent  lengthy captions that somehow annoy a layman. Citation and referencing of the material used in the report in an organized manner will enhance its authenticity. Proofreading is another vital step to make a report successful. It would be a better idea if this function is performed by any third party and not by the author. The author is concerned about his work and he is a bit biased so there is a chance of missing some obvious mistakes or errors. Now, after incorporating all the required stuff in the report it’s very much important to properly arrange the given text. This is done to give a tidy and neat look touch to the report. Well written concluding statement and some realistic recommendation can also be given at the end.

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