Project Punch List Template

By | December 17, 2014

A project punch list is a legal document that is used by contractors and builders. The purpose of the project punch list is to organize and manage the completion of a project in order to make it effective and successive. In some other places the word snag list is also used for the project punch list. A punch list is basically a list of all those tasks that needs to be completed in a proper sequence for the successful completion of the project and for the satisfactions of the construction contract terms. In some types of contracts, punch lists are the part of the construction contract while in some other projects it is created by the project manager, or property owner in the final stages of the project. Though, a project punch list is created with full planning and regular observations so it can save the contractors and project managers from small problematic issues and also help them in learning the techniques to cope with them.

A couple of decades ago, the punch list was a tool that workers used to punch a hole on the completion of a particular task however, the today punch list is dealing as a checklist, in which they mark tasks on their completion. Punch list can be in hard form but these days most of the punch lists are in electronic form that is easy and convenient to manage, to distribute, to update and to carry. The basic purpose of a punch list to note down the things that property owner or construction inspector’s things can create problems or needs to complete before the final payment to the contractors. Contractors are also making punch lists for their workers to specify the tasks that have to complete before closing the project.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Project Punch List Template created using MS Word by our staff,

Project Punch List Template

How to create an effective punch list?

Punch lists are simple forms that are created for the uncompleted tasks of a project. There is no specific kind of format or template there that a contractor or designer has to follow while creating punch list and so they can write down all the incomplete tasks in linear style or can write in tabular forms, they also can use online punch list forms for making their own punch lists. However, a perfect and effective punch list needs to have a couple of key elements in it that are as follows.

  • First of all read carefully the terms of the contract because a contractor has to follow everything that is written in the contract. The terms of contract can be written by the owner of the property or by the designer. On the basis of the contract, the contractor and the workers have to perform their duties.
  • For creating a punch list, it is important for the contractor, designer/owner of the property to walk through the working site, especially when all workers and other parties are present there. The best time for the inspection work on the site is the ending or final stages of the project.
  • Write down all the points on a paper that you think are important and should remove or improve including small tasks, cleanliness, instruments that are not working and workmanship.
  • Create a formal punch list on the basis of the rough work and then distribute the copies of the punch list among workers and other concerned people.

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