Price List Template

By | May 10, 2015

Price list is the first thing you have to prepare while starting your business. It is necessary to determine the charges for your products and services for your business while considering lots of factors such as fixed cost and variable cost. Without calculating your break even point, it will be hard for you to determine the profit margin of your products. You price list should be easy to understand therefore you have to be really careful while designing it. Make sure to highlight all necessary details and organize all things according to the importance of products. Price list should be beneficial for both customers and sellers therefore it is necessary to be careful about all key elements of price lists. You can design a perfect price list with the help of sample price lists or price list templates. It will help you to know about the important elements of price list.

Here is a Price List Template that can quickly help you in creating your own Price Lists no matter what kind of business you run.

Price List Template


Details of Your Business

Your price list should start from details of your business such as your business name, address of your business, contact numbers and logo of your organization. It is necessary because your price list also serves as promotional tool of your organization and in the presence of your business contact numbers your client can easily contact you in the time of need.

Details of Products and Services

  • It is the main part of your price list because your potential customers want to know about prices of products and services you offer. Do not forget to include price of every possible product and service you offer.
  • Organize your list of products and group all similar products in one group for the convenience of customers. This will help you to stay organized while making your price list for your business.
  • Find out details what your competitors are charging for the similar products and services. Visit different stores and websites of different companies to check the price list of your competitor organizations. Study their charged prices and then determine prices of your products according to their quality.
  • It is necessary to determine how much you have to charge for your products and services in order to cover your all expenses and to earn profit. Make sure to determine the price of your products carefully because your little mistake can turn your profit into loss.
  • Do not overcharge your products and services because it can decrease the sales of your products. Make sure to charge fair prices for your products and services in order to increase sales.

Layout of Your Price List

  • Your price list should be designed in tabular form in order to write name of products, description of products, cost price, discounts and sales price of your products and services.
  • You can use different colors in order to highlight all important products in order to address different needs of your potential customers.

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