Plumbing Quotation Template

By | October 11, 2016

A Plumber is a professional who has studied and acquired a license in doing the water systems and fixtures related tasks. Plumbers are responsible to construct the water pipelines that take water to every corner of the building and connected to water fixtures such as sink, wash basin, shower and bath tub. Plumbing professionals are very important for the construction of municipal, commercial and residential watering and sewage systems. Construction engineers of a building work with senior plumbers create strategies for new and improved water systems and to estimate the cost of implementing one. We usually need a plumber on two occasions; one when we are constructing a new building and we want to lay the water pipes to various parts of the building, we hire a professional plumber who does all the plumbing work and once he is finished, a senior plumber takes over the charge and does all the inspection works to check if everything is in order and there is no leakage. Second when there is a problem in a building’s water or sewage system, we can’t fix it without a professional plumber who is expert in this field and knows his work better than us.

Plumbers mostly work alone as a handyman but some of them also work with construction companies, local government agencies and plumbing supply stores. If you go out in the market, you will find hundreds of plumbers and they all claim that they are better than others. In this situation, it’s very hard to select a plumbing company for your house or building and you can’t choose by random selection. You need to do some research before you hire a plumbing company. In this research, you visit each plumber and ask for their quotations. A plumbing quote is actually a price list on which the plumbing services are enlisted along with their prices. This way you can compare the prices of various quotes and then you can come up with the choice that suites you the best and you can also afford it.

Here is a professional Plumbing or related Services Quotation/Invoice Template,

Cleaning Invoice Template

Here is download link for this Plumbing Quotation Template,

Download Plumbing Quotation Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Plumbing Quotation:

  • Every plumbing contractor has an official letterhead for this type of professional communication. You should print this quotation on the company letterhead.
  • Start by providing the name of the person who is in charge of this job and pricing department and the mention the name of the client along with the date this quotation is being made.
  • Then enlist all of the plumbing services you provide along with a small description of each service so that it’s easily understandable for the customer.
  • Then provide the completion time period for each type of service and the rules and regulations to complete the job on time.
  • Provide charges for each kind of service on the list so that the customer can compare it to other contractors.
  • If you are offering some kind of special discount for the client, add that at the end and make sure to mention that this concession is only valid for this particular customer.
  • Approve it by the supervisor and ask him to sign the quote along with the date of validation.

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