Photography Receipt Template

By | December 1, 2014

Photography is an interesting and demanding business because on every occasion people require to have some memories of their special occasion and for this purpose they invite professional photographers. If you are in photography business and have expert skills to take photographs then you will surely get maximum clients. In order to manage the cash registers of the photography business, you have to design standard photography receipts. It will save you from claiming wrong expenses because it will lead you to the wrong record keeping. It will provide you solid system to measure your profitability. You have to design a standard photography receipt for the financial records of your business.

Contents for Photography Receipts

Photography receipts are essential for the photography business so it is vital to include all important contents in receipts. Following are some important contents that will help you to design a standard receipt for your photography business:

  • You have to know the business related expenses in order to settle the cost of your services so it is necessary to do some homework. You have to compile the whole information in advance before creating the photography receipt.
  • It will be good to get the information about other persons who are working in the same field. Know about their services and charges for these services in order to avoid any confusion or mismanagement.
  • Photography receipt should contain name of your photo studio, address and contact numbers of photo studio, method of payment and the reason for payment. Give a professional look to your photography receipt so it will be better to type it in computer.
  • Header of the photography receipt should feature your logo and some small but creative photographs to compel more customers toward your studio. Do not forget to designate some place for the serial number and the date of transaction for proper record keeping.
  • You can place a watermark on photography receipt to make it more useful for you instead of just copying other’s information. Photography receipt should contain full name of your customer with address and contact numbers.
  • If you are offering free or paid home delivery services then you can mention it on the receipt for the convenience of customer. You can determine some policies and rules for your studio and it will be better to mention them on the back of your receipts.
  • Usually, movies, photographs and different other services are offered by photo studios at different rates so it is your duty to mention everything clearly according to your expenses to have some profit also. Do not forget to take the signature of buyer on the receipt for its authentication.
  • You have to be clear either your state has any local taxation terms for photography business or not. It will help you to determine the cost of your services and you will be able to explain to your customers in case of overcharging.

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Photographer Receipt Template

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