Pest Control Service Invoice Template

By | May 15, 2015

When a pest control service provider i.e. a company or an agency provides pest control services to a client either residential or a commercial, once the job is completed, the contractor sends a notification letter to the client explaining the expenses, details of the services and the charges or money the client owes to the contractor. This letter is known as the pest control service invoice.

Brief description of Pest Control Service Invoice:

Pests are the crawling insects that can be found anywhere in cities as well as in villages. If you live in an apartment building right in the middle of a big city, it is also possible that you have a pest problem that needs to be fixed right away. There are many companies and agencies that provide pest control services to individuals for residents and to companies for offices and work spaces. When a client or customer hires a pest control service provider, the contractor doesn’t get paid before the job is done and the client is satisfied with the results.

Once the work is finished, the contractor will send the pest control service invoice to the client or customer informing him that he has provided the required services and now the client owes him money for those services. This invoice also includes the detail of the services provided, control substances i.e. chemicals used for the job, the hours contractor and his crew spent on the job and the charges for all the expenses that the client needs to pay to the contractor.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Pest Control Service Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Pest Control Service Invoice Template

Essential elements to include in the Pest Control Service Invoice:

  • Name of the worker or pest control agency who provided services to the individual or a company
  • Name of the person i.e. individual or a company who was provided with the pest control services
  • Details of the property on which the pest control services were provided i.e. location, size, type etc
  • Reference number of the invoice
  • Date on which the services were received by the client
  • Date on which the agency or contractor is sending the invoice
  • Details of the pest control services provided to the client
  • Charges for the services provided to the client
  • Due date for the payment of the charges
  • Method of payment i.e. cash or check
  • Signature of the person sending the invoice

Tips for creating a Pest Control Service Invoice:

  • Name of your pest control company:
    At the top of the invoice document, mention your pest control agency name and contact details i.e. street address and contact numbers.
  • Client and workers detail:
    Here you will mention the name of the client who hired you, his complete address, phone number, the names of workers who provided services to the client and the name of their supervisor.
  • Detail of the services given to the client:
    This section will include the detailed description of the pest control services you provided to the client. Mention each service separately and explain it if possible.
  • Charges for the services with details:
    In front of the each service, you will mention the charges along with total amount owed by the client at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Signature of the authorized person:
    Right where you put the total amount owed by the client, include your signature with full name and date.

Here is download link for this Pest Control Service Invoice Template,

Download Pest Control Service Invoice Template

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