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By | October 13, 2016

A Memorandum or Memo is an effective way that  promotes communication by sharing of relevant information between the members of an organization working in the organization. While if we need access to the people or sectors outside the organization, business letters will offer a good service. Memos usually consist of stuff that impart impacts upon those who are working in a particular organization. Memos are a frequent and easy practice that can be utilized in order to address a small or large group of respondents, but some of the memos may address  one person. Memos are meant to generate latest information for instance updates on working schedules or they may compel the reader to initiate respective actions like attending any meeting. You should have an aim while  writing a memo and the whole content should reflect that particular aim or target. The successful memo should effectively depict the basic  purpose of writing a memorandum for your reader. If appropriate and complete information will be delivered through a memorandum then definitely the workers and other staff members will understand the purpose and respond in a reasonable and required manner. One thing is of supreme importance that all the aspects should not be given in the memo, but only the required amount of information  should be given to the staff members. An effective memo is of flexible nature, it means it should give an ample room for the changes and updates that are going on the scenario.  After illustrating the purpose, highlight the respective actions that must be taken by the recipients in order to make the information given on memo effective.

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The importance or the significance of the action taken should also be given so that it will demonstrate how the action help in enhancing efficiency of the organization. Sometime the memos also contain an additional documentation along with it like reports or stats in order to fully explain the message. The text given in the memo should be relevant and exact, but should deliver a complete message or information that is required by the reader. The explanations should be kept brief and simple. If we discuss the most simple form of a memorandums they are just a simplified form of a letter. Appropriate heading should be written in bold or italics to show emphasis. Additionally, the memo may propose a certain issue that needs some special consideration from high-ups of the organization. Standardized tips for writing memorandums include simple elements to give a memo a stylish look. This may vary or should be designed to take into account the standard considerations by the company in which you work. You need not try to enlist a bulk of information in it because it’s not a project proposal.  The real objective of the memo is to create awareness among recipients about the issue. Make sure that the body of the content  written is clear, precise and grammatically sound. Avoid using greeting remarks that will give an unprofessional look. The most important and step to make a memo impressive is to conclude it with a highly summarizing closing statement that triggers action or inspire the recipient to act upon the directions given in the memo.

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