Nail Services Salon Price List Template

By | December 17, 2014

To hire a perfect nail service it is important to have an understanding and information about the price lists of salons. Nails have a key impact over a person’s personality whether they are polished and designed or are simple and filed. Simple and filed nails (if healthy) will bring an impression of the person’s good health and if you decorate your nails with nail colors and styles it make a style statement about you as a most stylish and fashionable individual. For healthy and beautiful nails, healthy food nail services are also of great importance. Anyone can benefit from nail services because almost in all beauty salons they offer you a number of services for your nails that not only beautify your nails but also play a vital role in their nourishment.

Every salon has its own price list for nail service on the basis of their expertise, market recognition, use of branded products and location. Usually the price list for nail services is hanged in every salon along with other services to inform the customers about their prices. Nail services include manicure, pedicure, spa manicure and pedicure, shellac, shellac removal, nail art, nail repair, nail remover etc. with each passing day some new terminologies are also introduced to customers under the category of nail services like “full set” and “fill” “liquid gel nail” “glazer nail” etc.

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Nail Services Salon Price List Template


An average price list of different nail service salons is as follows; remember these prices are mostly followed in top and well known salons.

Basic and traditional manicure and pedicure cost an average of $5 to $15, spa manicure and pedicure cost an average of $10 to $25, forever manicure and pedicure cost $20 to $35, full set and fill cost an average of $15 to $35 including pink and white full set and fill, add-on’s like artificial nail removal and add on cost about $5 to $8 per set, nail art cost $5 to $8 depending on your preferred style and nail repair service cost an average of $1 or $2 per nail. On the basis of these average prices for different nail services, it seems that nail service salon is charging quite reasonable for their services. Each complete session of nail service will cost you approximately less than $50.

There are a number of salons that are offering nail services at discount rates, and people usually prefer them in order to save money. Beware from such kinds of salons because they usually use dangerous products and after a couple of days or sometimes after a week the damaging results start appearing on your skin and nails. Before going to take any kind of nail service, check their offered price list along with the details of their offered services. For inquiry, one can check online beauty salons of their region that will definitely help them and will save them from making holes in their pockets. It is important to receive nail service from a good and well known salon once every fifteen days.

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