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By | May 10, 2015

Weekly and monthly menu planning can save your time as well as money because it saves you from tension of taking regular decision about meal. It is great way to include healthier meals in your meal plan. It will reduce your stress to fix for lunch, dinner and breakfast meal. It will help you in grocery shopping because after meal planning you can prepare a list of ingredients according to it. You can plan menu considering your regular activities for example, if you are spending a busy day then you can add easy and quick to cook food items in your meal for heavy working days and luxury food items for the weekends. It is very easy and beneficial to plan a weekly and monthly menu and following are some tips for weekly and monthly menu planning at home:Menu Planner Template

  • You can design weekly and monthly menu manually or on MS Word on your PC. Think about preferences of all family members while designing weekly and monthly menu. You can browse different cookbooks and recipe sites to get an idea about tasty and healthy dishes so that your family can enjoy better variety of food.
  • Designate a specific theme to each day and week such as you can choose fast food and Chinese theme for first week of the month, traditional theme to second week of the month, continental theme to third week of the month and vegetable dishes to the fourth week of the month.
  • Involve your all family members in your menu planning so that they all can enjoy their favorite food items. Ask their preferences and try to add two to three dishes in your meal plan if your budget allows this.
  • Prepare your shopping list considering types of dishes you want to prepare on each day. Check your pantry, fridge and freezer so that you can know about the food items already available in your stock because some products have specific expiry date such as pasta, eggs, bacon etc.
  • Collect information about weekly or monthly sales because it will help you to plan a budget friendly menu. You can buy bulk from sales stores to save your time as well as money.
  • Write down your meal plan with calendar so that you can easily allocate each dish to different days. Keep updating your menu to remove monotony from your menu otherwise same food on same day will irritate your family members.

Key Features of Your Menu Plan

Following are some key features that should be available in your menu plan to address the meal requirements and preferences of all family members:

Variety: Your menu plan should have different varieties in different days and weeks to avoid frequent repetition of food.

Color: Make your meal plan colorful and more appealing to attract kids also, keep combination of orange, red, blue, yellow and green vegetables as well as fruits in your menu to ensure presence of vitamin and minerals.

Texture and Aroma: Include different textures of foods such as include crunchy, chewy and smooth food items to add more interest in your meal. Be careful about the smell of your food items and try to add different flavors to stimulate the appetites.

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