Meeting Minutes Template

By | December 7, 2012

Meeting are essential part of business life, effective meetings are a way to bring improvement in performance, deciding new plans, tasks and achievement of goals. Meeting minutes or protocols are supportive for creating effective meetings as they are a record of the meeting.  The whole event is recorded in meeting minutes and usually initiated with list of participants; afterwards it included the list of issues discussed and decisions taken over them. Meeting minutes are important for different reasons some of them are as follows.Meeting Minutes Template

  • These are a written record of meeting, its agenda and decisions so becomes a significant resource for those who did not attend the meeting and for further communication between members
  • There is a chance of error in remembering of all the details of meeting as memories fly by night so it is valuable having a written record of meeting for a better assistance in implementation of decisions and further meetings.
  • Meeting minutes are proved a good communication instrument for conveying the product of meeting to the absent workers.
  • Meeting minutes confirm resolutions and conclusions of meeting
  • These are a way to record decided actions to be taken for any issue
  • Meeting minutes keep record of responsible persons and tasks assigned to them
  • These present a record of course of action of meeting and its conclusion
  • Meeting minutes contains summary of discussion on very agenda item
  • Decisions taken on different issues are recorded in meeting minutes
  • In meetings of board of directors taking minutes is an official requirement to keep every thing clear in future and can be used as legal documents for the tax and audit purposes
  • Meeting minutes have a record of action decided for different item that helps to observe progress on them in regular group meetings

By keeping in view the importance of meeting minutes organizations make arrangements for taking minutes to make their meetings effective. For this purpose usually a person is assigned responsibility to take minutes before meeting.  It is a skilled job for the minutes taker has to observe all the discussion of meeting whether it is perplexing and incoherent debate he has to summarize it correctly what is said. Minutes are usually verified with chairperson for conforming accuracy and move through the attendees or any other person affected by any decision taken in the meeting.  Considering the importance of meeting minutes following points must be focused to make them more effective.

  • Date and time of meeting along with names of participants should be included
  • Perfect summary of discussion, key ideas, proposals and substitutes for complex matters must be mentioned
  • Meeting minutes must represent the decisions taken during meeting and any issue which is discussed during meeting
  • It must include any follow up coursework and in charge person with the dead line for action
  • Meeting minutes’ copy must be delivered to all relevant persons for a better follow up, these copies can also be passed to higher authorities

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