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By | February 12, 2018

Job application also known as cover letter is an important tool to hunt a right job for you. It is necessary to attach with your resume because job application is a great way to share your personality traits with your potential employer. Through job application, you can easily explain your worth for the organization to your potential employer. Job application is great opportunity to make a good first impression with potential employer. Your letter should be a good representation of your personal skills to increase your chances of employment. Clearly write your letter in formal style without the use of jargon and try to give a good introduction to you. Basic purpose of the letter is to get chances of interview by convincing the employer that you are the perfect person for specific position. Here is a comprehensive Job Application Template that can help any employer to offer good forms for its candidates to apply for a job.

Free Job Application Template

Job Application Template

Tips to Write Job Application

In order to write an effective job application, I am going to share some tips for writing job application to impress potential employer:

  • Before writing job application, it is necessary to read the employment description carefully. Take important notes to describe the job and the important points about the company. Mark all important words that should appear in your job application.
  • Before writing the job application, it is necessary to find out about the recruiter so that you can address his/her in your letter directly. If your job description contains the title of the person to whom you have to send job application then find out his name to address him directly in the job application.
  • If nothing is clear to you then you can find out the name of human resources director and address him in the job application. In case, you cannot find the name of human resources director also then use gender neutral title if possible or if you clearly know the gender then use Mr. or Ms. With the last name.
  • Write an opening paragraph to explain the reasons for which you are applying for the job. Write the reference where you saw the posting and state the reason why you are perfect for the position. Describe the reasons, why you want to work on this position and describe how you can help them to meet the goals of the organization.
  • Describe your skills, experience and educations and give example to match your skills and qualifications with the requirements of potential employer. Demonstrate your strengths with concrete evidence instead of simply writing your skills and qualifications.
  • It is good to describe the creative solution you have provided to the problem at your last job. It will let the potential employer to know about how innovative you are.
  • Match the requirements of job description with your personal abilities and qualifications. It is necessary to demonstrate how these qualifications make you a best candidate for the opening and how you can help the organization to meet its objectives.
  • In the closing paragraph, write your desire for interview and provide accurate contact information including your cell number and email address. In the closing paragraph, you can write sample work or references to provide additional information to potential employer.

Here is download link for this Job Application Template,

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