Hourly Service Invoice Template

By | May 15, 2015

When a contractor or a handyman is hired by an individual or a company on hourly basis, as soon the worker completes his work, he sends a document to the client. In this letter, the services that were provided are explained along with the details of the hours the worker or contractor spent on the job. This is known as the hourly service invoice.

Brief description of Hourly Service Invoice:

When a client or an employer doesn’t want to hire a service provider on permanent basis, he usually contacts a contractor or a services agency and asks them to provide him a worker who works on hourly basis. Unlike most of Asian countries i.e. Pakistan, India and Middle East, in America and Europe, most of these workers are only hired on hourly basis and almost every handyman prefers to work on hourly wages. This way when a worker is hired by an employer for some kind of services, once the worker finishes his tasks, he sends a detailed document to the employer explaining the services he provided and the hours he spent on the job. This document is known as the hourly service invoice.

This invoice is very important in all fields of the business especially when an employer hires a worker on hourly basis. This invoice acknowledges that the worker has provided the required services and once the client receives the invoice, he can ensure that the worker spent the hours he mentioned on the invoice. After this if the client denies or refuses to make the payment for the hourly services, the worker or contractor can file a legal case against the client based on the invoice.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Hourly Service Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Hourly Service Invoice Template

Essential elements to include in the Hourly Service Invoice:

  • Name of the person i.e. employee or contractor who is sending the invoice
  • Name of the employer or company who hired the employee for services
  • Date on which the worker provided the services
  • Date on which the person is sending the invoice
  • Reference number of the invoice
  • Details of hourly rate of the services provided to the employer
  • Detail of the services provided to the employer
  • Charges for the services received by the employer
  • Due date for the payment of the charges
  • Method of payment i.e. check, cash or bank account transfer
  • Signature of the person who is sending the invoice

Tips for creating an Hourly Service Invoice:

  • Name of your agency and contact info:
    Start the invoice with your company name at the top along with the registration number and contact details i.e. street address and phone numbers.
  • Employee and employer details:
    Here you need to mention the name of the worker who provided the services along with the name of the client who hired your services. Include full names and address of the client as well.
  • Details of services provided to the client:
    In this section, you will enlist the services you or your employee provided to the client so that the client can verify he received the enlisted services.
  • Charges for the services:
    Mention the charges for each service in the next column and also put the total amount owed by the client at the bottom of the second column.
  • Payment details:
    This will include the total payment the client will make, installments (if applicable) due date for the payment and method of payment i.e. check or cash.

Here is download link for this Hourly Service Invoice Template,

Download Hourly Service Invoice Template

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