Homemade Voucher Template

By | September 20, 2016

We all want people around us to care for us and so does they expect from us; so is the business of life. It is well said that smallest act are the ones that makes us happy the most. One of these small acts id definitely making a voucher book for the people you care about. The act you are willing to do for them must be doable and not some long shots. It might be a task that would be so ordinary yet so boring or so much of a daily routine that the person for whom your doing won’t want to do it himself or herself. If you want to give your voucher book to person who is in love with pets. Your voucher for that might typically include an offer to care for their pets while they are away or busy doing some usual stuff. The list is endless depending your own set of choices and your knowledge of the choices of   voucher’s recipient. Or your voucher might include daily tasks like doing household work for your recipient it may range from minor chores to major ones that one just want to get rid of. This way you’d be allowing them some good time off the work.

Here is a good example of a Gift Voucher Template created by WordTemplates.org to help newbie designers while creating any homemade vouchers.

Free Gift Voucher Template

Click here to download this Free Voucher Template.

If you want to take it a step ahead, fill your voucher with “laundry” as they say. It might be laundry or any other task related thereto. If you don’t like doing laundry or taking someone’s pet out for a walk or do the dishes, don’t worry! You still can do a lot. That might cause you to include simply placing everything in order for the recipient of the voucher. If you feel you have a taste for gardening then you might want your homemade voucher to have “will be you lawn’s care-taker” on it. This way you will not only be relieving the other person of some big chores but also have fun yourself. It is only known to those who have kids that how much they want to spend some quality time with their partner alone or do something that they really want to do. So the best option for your homemade voucher can be “I’ll be your baby-sitter”. This way you’d be more productive for them.

On the other hand, if you’re intended person is single and usually needs someone to help them with various tasks at hand you might just want to say “help at your doorstep”. This will allow you to be flexible and be of more help for the person you’re trying to help out. All that’s said was about the “content” of your homemade voucher. Once you have decided the appropriate content. This is show-time. Do your best and create a unique voucher for every task that you are willing to do. You might want to add some personalized comments, theme or colors that are appropriate in the circumstance. Shape of the voucher largely depends on the nature of relationship and expectations of the receiver. The crux is to highlight the idea in such a way that it is appealing and attractive for the intended person. Ideally it should not be more than ten inches in size. As for the details, you must be very clear about the type of task you are willing to do, the timing for the same and frequency thereof. A happy occasion might be an appropriate time to handover your voucher book as a gift on that occasion. If there are more than one voucher, you might want to organize them in the voucher book with some appropriate title. Guiding your recipient as to how these vouchers are to be used and how to treat a voucher that has been done for you is also important. After all it’s about your own creativity!

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