Food Price List Template

By | December 31, 2015

What is the one thing that you seek when you walk in a café or a restaurant? (Apart from the food). THE PRICE! That is the first thing you do when you walk in a café or a restaurant. A restaurant that you have no idea of and are a first timer. You have a slight idea about the restaurant but no idea about the prices or how much will it cost per person. Of course, you don’t want to ask the worker or staff about the prices or for advice since you don’t want to too desperate but also need to know the prices offered by the restaurant. You immediately seek out the food price list from where you can make a choice and can know that you will be well within your budget as well.

When making a food price list for your restaurant, you need to according to your customer. You need to be fully aware of your customers psyche and need to be well aware of the things that would act as instant attractions and would call customers towards your service. This can be done by adding a bit of fun and a bit of funk to the price list by making use of various different fonts and by making use of various colors as well. Then you need to type in your food price list according to the various delicacies that you offer. If there is a special price or a special condition with the price of something then it should be mentioned along or should be mentioned at the bottom of the page or board with an asterisk. Make use of various images and graphics to make your price list innovative and fun for people and clients. You can always encompass images of people eating (and enjoying) your food to attract people. Just make sure these images aren’t googled and are genuine and you serve the things you have displayed (you don’t want angry customers!). People don’t want to compromise on their food and certainly not when they are first timers. If you plan on offering various discounts or packages then they should be mentioned right in the front. This is the best way to attract customers, who wouldn’t be attracted by discounts and packages, and that too on food!

Here is preview of a Free Printable Food Price List Template created using MS Excel 2013,

Food Price List Template

Just make sure that your food price list isn’t disorganized and neither is it chaotic. There needs to be a sense of continuity and flow so your customers can have a better idea and can view the prices and the services with a relaxed mind. Avoid using too many bright colors or too many dull colors. Make use of a color palette that is linked with your shop or your business, it is a marketing tactic to make people remember about your shop or business. There is no harm in making a stylish price list and align your business with your price list. It will be a sure winner and you would see everything being sold off immediately!

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