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By | April 28, 2015

A chore list is a list of household chores that needs to be done on a regular basis. Though, most people perform their household tasks without making a chore list however as compare to those following chore lists, you will find them less organized. In many families, all the household chores are performed and completed by one member of the family usually by a mother or wife that is really discouraging and is hard enough for the member to complete all the tasks in a proper way. The situation has become worse when that member become unable to perform and complete the household tasks due to health issues or any other issues because this will interrupt your entire family life and routine. The best way to live an organized and balance life is to create a family chore list that includes the details of the household chores that each member of the family has to perform.

A family chore list is not only making your life organized but also lessen the burden of household chores from all the members of the home. It never disturbs your routine life in case one member of the family go outside or suffers from any kind of health issue. A family chore list is really important to bring a balance in your life and to divide the work load as in this way each family member has a proper and equal time to enjoy his/her personal life.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Family Chore List Template created using MS Word,

Family Chore List Template

How to prepare a Family Chore List?

  • First of all list all the household chores including daily, weekly and monthly chores. Household chores mean the tasks that are part of the house and can affect the routines and lives of all the family members. Don’t include your personal and individual chores on the list. Common household chores include cooking food, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning garbage, mowing the lawn, washing bathrooms, vacuum, cleaning and feeding pets and much more. Personal tasks or chores include making beds, ironing clothes etc.
  • Call for a meeting in which the presence of all the family members is crucial. Discuss your list with them. Assign a single task or a set of chores to each family member according to their abilities like you cannot assign cooking food to children so keep in mind the age and maturity of the member.
  • Keep a balance in assigning tasks to each family member, as the purpose of the family chore list is to minimize workload and to create an organized and pleasant atmosphere in the home.
  • Assign all the family chores into a weekly and preferably monthly chore list. Every month tries to change the tasks among the family members as this will save them from boredom and will never bring a thought that their task is the difficult one.
  • Assign different colors to each member of the family and ask them to mark the task on its completion. For example, give red color to mother, so that when she cook the meal on the first day will mark it and then will proceed to the next one.
  • Paste the family chore list in the kitchen so that everyone can access it.
  • Don’t forget to add an incentive for your family like a outdoor dinner, pizza etc as a motivation.

Here is download link for above shown Family Chore List Template,

Download Family Chore List Template

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