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By | February 16, 2017

A list is a document which is prepared to organize your work. It tells you all the details about the items and their quantity. The idea of the list was not so popular years back, but now it seems to be evaluating so quickly. When exporting, or importing the items this list is the top most need, especially if you are running a business. The format of the list is so simple and it just needs few details. It saves your time and money, moreover, it saves you from many problems that you might face while receiving your order.  This list mainly holds the details of items that a party is selling to other. When you export or import means your work is on a big ground so this list saves you from errors and blunders. Also, it looks professional if, you have a list of the items with all the details in it to present at the time of receiving the items.

If, you are in an import and export business and you don’t have a list then create one for yourself. There are always two options valid either to prepare it on the notebook with your hands or to type it on MS-word, which looks professional. One more thing that I need to mention here is that many templates are there on the internet which saves your time and you just need to make few changes in it.

First of all collect all important details such as your company name, email address, website, phone number and fax number and mention on the top of the list. The list can further be divided into columns and rows according to your wish. You can make a column for the items and the other one for the description of the item where you can write about the quantity and the weight of that particular item. Mentioning the weight of each item is very important because the shipping is according to the weight of the package.

You can save the list on your phone so that if you might have lost it you can show it from your phone, but the list is generally printed on the A4 size paper. The font of the list is important to be selected wisely because sometimes people stuck in reading the small font. Don’t use bold or italic writing and the headings should be simple and not fancy as it looks childish.

When you are done with the description of the items, some more details can be added such as the total items and the total weight. Your order number, date of shipping, the number of cartoons, shipped via, the name of the sales man, shipped by, checked by are also some details that a packing list have. You can arrange these details either on the top and can do it at the bottom.

This export packing list can have some more details which are totally dependent on the requirements as each company has different terms and conditions.

Here is a good looking Printable Export Packing List Template created using MS Excel.

Export Packing List Template

Here is download link for this Export Packing List Template,

Download Export Packing List Template

Here is another good looking Export Packing list Template created to help you accomplish related tasks easily.

Export Packing List Template 02

Here is download link for this Export Packing List Template,

Download Export Packing List Template

Here is a general purpose Packing List Template created using MS Excel.

Packing List Template

Here is download link for this Packing List Template,

Download Packing List Template

Here is another good looking Packing List created as a PDF file.

Packing List PDF

Here is download link for this Packing List,

Download Packing List (PDF)

Here is another PDF Packing List Template created to assist in Export Documentation.

Packing List PDF 02

Here is download link for this Packing List Template (PDF),

Download Packing List (PDF)

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