DVD Menu Templates

By | May 5, 2017

In today’s world, DVDs have become a need as well as a trend. They are used by people from all age groups, from little kids to senior citizens. Main uses include watching movies, songs, presentations, education and other innumerable formal and informal uses. Whatever be the reason of getting a DVD, everybody expects them to satisfy their demands completely, from needs to pleasant appearance. It is not enough that a DVD contains the movies we need, for example, we also want a pleasing to the eye presentation, colors, pictures and designs. In order to make such a fine DVD, it is vital to make a fine DVD menu. There are many software which are used to make a good DVD menu. However, it is necessary to learn how to prepare one.

DVD Menu Template

First of all, we need to know the types of DVD menu. There are six of its types.

The first one is ‘title’. This is the first menu which is displayed. It usually has buttons to select the titles. This menu is also known as the ‘video manager menu’. Every DVD has only one title menu.

The second is the ‘root’. It is also called ‘video title set menu’ and is the top level menu for a title. Every title may have a root menu. It has buttons to navigate to the titles as well as submenus which facilitate the users to opt from the audio stream, subpicture stream, chapter or camera angle. Nevertheless these submenus are not used in most of the DVDs.

The other four menus are actually submenus of this one. Subpicture: selects the subpicture stream. Audio: selects the audio stream and allows the user to opt a language track. Angle: selects the camera angle. Lastly, chapter: aka PTT menu, selects chapters within a title.

The specific steps for creating a DVD menu depend on the software you use for this purpose. Every software has its own functions and steps but the aim is the same: to create a good DVD through the use of good colors, fonts, designs and functions. Selecting from the functions should be easy for the users. Every button should be easily visible and selectable. The more convenient you will make it for the users, the more they will like your brand and the result will be an increase in the number of your customers. Apart from DVD suppliers, DVD menu is important for individual DVD creators too who make DVDs for their own use. They also need to prepare attractive and easy to use DVDs, when they burn movies, songs, office work or school work in DVD for instance.

While choosing your DVD menu, give immense importance to the users of that DVD. If you are writing a cartoon DVD, use a menu with bright colors and pictures related to the cartoons along with very easy control buttons and selecting options as little children will use them. Furthermore, add the same kind of content to a DVD. It is insensible to add movie and office work in the same disc.

The bottom line is to make a DVD with convenient controls and striking appearance which are related to the DVD content.

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