Drug and Alcohol Policy Sample

By | August 2, 2016

It’s important for companies to set up protection against drug and alcohol abuse in the business and the following strategy will help to work in a peaceful environment. When addicts bring their addictions to office they no longer have to expend energy trying to ignore or suppress the demand of alcohol or drugs at the workplace. It is quite obvious that drugs and alcohol consumers give less productivity in their work than their actual potentials. A serious concern was taken in the issue when some transport handlers, like drivers are involve in alcohol or drug addiction .This will lead to series accidents or the company has to face fines and litigation from employees because of illegal violation. It is a good idea to allow some reductions on their workers’ payment premiums if they are ready to attend the alcohol- and drug-free training course. If you don’t implement an alcohol or drug policy at your work place and any of your employee got hurt with his addiction habit than you are liable for that trauma.

The drug or alcohol testing in offices might sounds odd but for the safety of both the employer and the employee ,these strategies are in evitable ,therefore a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing system should be introduced in the area where a perspective employee applies for the job,. If the applicant is tested for abuse then it will influence the working employee to get protected against such evaluations. You should have a defined policy that who will be tested when .You can test your employee on random basis like twice a year or upon suspicion ,whatever would be your advancement in the area of setting an alcohol or drug free environment, everything should be documented to be on the safe side.

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Drug Alcohol Policy Sample

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It’s important for you as an employer to ponder deeply, how you are going to treat the addict. If suppose you found some of your employee with a positive alcohol or drug test then you need a previously documented policy about further proceedings. Some companies immediately fire those employees to keep their environment safe while the others take a chance by enrolling their employee in an alcohol or drug free program. Another consideration in setting up a drug-alcohol policy in your office demands the review of health and prescription policies in your organization as usually drug addicts take the advantage of medically prescribed addicted materials via legal prescriptions. You must survey your workplace environment to check the possibilities of serving such addicted items through your company customs.

Once you have discussed all the clauses of your drug and alcohol policy at your work place, you have to document it in a concise style to format an authentic document. ON-line templates can best help to provide you a pre formatted template for drug and alcohol policy. Their customizable features let you draft your conditions in the policy and lastly the policy should be signature by responsible official to make the document effective.

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