Do Not Crush Label Template

By | November 21, 2015

A label is a little piece of paper which is placed on a box or parcel to indicate the inside items and special instructions to handle or carry it. It’s an essential element of every shipment because it’s not possible for the company to talk to every customer and tell them the specific instructions to handle or use a product so a label is attached with the product. You can find different kinds of labels in the market and some of them are custom made which tells a little about the company and its products. A “Do Not Crush” label is also the same as above discussed and it’s placed on a box which contains fragile or delicate contents and needs to be handle or place with extra care. By attaching such a label on the box, the company frees itself and indicates clearly that it won’t accept any claim if the product is broken or damaged.

A shipment firm doesn’t know if the parcel contains some books or a delicate decoration piece inside so it’s possible if there is no clear info about the parcel, some may break the inside items. If such an incident happens, the company won’t accept the claim of broken product which is clearly the fault of shipment staff. As they have to ship thousands of parcels on daily basis, it’s possible if they crash or smash some of them and if there is a fragile instrument in it, it will easily break into pieces or the rough handling may damage some of its parts. For example a company sends crystal decoration pieces to an end user and there is an instruction label on the box which tells to handle it carefully and do not crash it anywhere so when it doesn’t arrive at his doorstep in its original condition the customer will claim it to the vendor but the problem is that the company won’t claim any warranty or replace the broken item as it’s not their fault.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Do Not Crush Label Template created using MS Word,

Do not Crush Label Template

General Guidelines to Create a “Do Not Crush” Label for Your Company:

  • Businesses use this kind of label to advertise their products or services they provide so you should think of doing so too. It’s very hard to compete with other similar brands or products and you should use each available method of advertising your company.
  • This shipment will go through a lot of bad conditions like bad weather or constant sunshine so you better make the label waterproof to keep the writing safe.
  • If you want to use it as publicity stunt, you should start the label by putting your company’s name and logo on the top. If you have some kind of unique slogan or advertising statement, you should put that too.
  • Below that, put details of the products inside the box such as if its crystal or has delicate parts which can be easily ruined by a little heaviness. Add a statement such as “do not crush” on the label which tells that the inside items are fragile and if you don’t handle them with great care, you will break it.
  • Once you are done, stick the label on the upper side of the box so it’s easily readable by both cargo staff and the receiver.

Here is download link for above shown Do Not Crush Label Template,

Download Do Not Crush Label Template

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