Delicate Instruments Label Template

By | November 19, 2015

A label is just a small piece of paper which is stuck on a box or parcel and it includes the information about the product or contents of the box and special instructions for the user. It’s the only proper way to let someone know about the insides of a shipment, any special way to carry it and special constructions to use it. Sometimes companies also put shipment info on the label in order to save the costs of another delivery slip. Same in that way, a “delicate instruments” label is a paper which tells one to handle a box with extra care as it contains very fragile parts or easily breakable stuff. This way the company makes sure that the product that a customer ordered, arrives at his doorstep without any fault or being broke. It’s also very important as the company won’t claim any damage to the instrument as it’s the fault of a person who didn’t handle it or carry it in the recommended way.

The key purpose of attaching such a label to a cargo is to tell the shipper and the end user to handle the parcel with extra care as it contains delicate or fragile contents. It’s not possible for the company to send an instructor with each box who is supposed to tell the user to handle it carefully or treat the box as fragile. For example if the box contains crystal or glass product or an item which includes small and delicate parts, the label instruct the cargo staff or end user to handle it carefully and with extra care. Or if the box contains crystal decorations pieces which the vendor thinks won’t go through the shipment process if there is no label stuck on it. This way the company instructs the user to accept all the responsibility and tells him that it won’t accept any claims related to mishandling by the user or shipper.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Delicate Instruments Label Template created using MS Word,

Delicate Instrument Label Template

General Guidelines to create a “Delicate Instruments” Label for your Company:

  • This kind of labels are used by almost every company that manufactures electrical equipment and fragile products and some of them also use it as an advertisement mean by putting a little about their company and its products on the label. So you should try that too because these labels will travel to every corner of the world.
  • A shipment spends 5 to 10 days on the road so it’s possible that it will face bad weather conditions. This is why it’s essential that you make the label waterproof.
  • Start the label by putting your company’s name and logo on the label and a little something about the products your offer.
  • Below that, add details about the inside items and the instructions to handle them. If there is crystal, glass or any other fragile material in the box, you should add a phrase like “delicate instruments inside” in bold letters so it’s easily accessible by everyone.
  • Once the label is done, laminate it and place it at the upper side of the box and try to avoid putting it on the sides and especially in the bottom.

Here is download link for above shown Delicate Instruments Label Template,

Download Delicate Instruments Label Template

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