Defective Label Template

By | November 13, 2015

A label is something that is used to include the details of something which is not known to someone who is going to use it or handle it. It’s a small piece of paper which includes the description of the contents of a box or shipment and to tell the cargo staff or the receiver to handle it with great care on in a specific way. A “defective” label is a label that includes the information about the broken or faulty equipment inside a box. It’s essential to nominate a box or an item as defective so no one uses it or operates it as it could result into a serious injury or mess. It’s not uncommon for a company or manufacturer to make a product with some kind of fault in it. When it’s shipped to an end user and when he finds out the fault in it, he sends it back to the vendor which then stores it for the inspection team to check or resolve the error. When this equipment is stored in the warehouse or storeroom of the company, if it’s not labeled as defective, some may opens it and uses it without knowing that it’s faulty and could harm him or injure him.

The key purpose of such a label is only one, to save everyone from getting injured by using a broken product. Unlike some Asian countries, the European countries have very strict rules and safety measures in order to make sure everyone works and lives in a safe way. This is why the manufacturer companies need to be extra careful to make sure that there is no harm to their employees or general public around the equipment they are making. For example a company makes a blender which is broken and the inspection staff didn’t clear it for sale. For further inspection it will be placed in the storeroom and if it’s not labeled as defective or dangerous, someone may use it for some kind of experiment without knowing that he is putting himself in danger.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Defective Label Template created using MS Word,

Deffective Label Template

General Guidelines to create a “Defective” Label for your company:

  • Unlike other labels, this label is going to be put on the boxes which will be placed in the company’s warehouse or storeroom so there is no need to put anything additional like your company’s logo on it.
  • In order to transfer the shipment to another destination, the box can go through some bad weather conditions so you better make the label waterproof.
  • The most effective and alarming way to create a unique label is to use a white paper and red color for writing.
  • Put the word “defective. Do not use” in bold letters on the label so it’s easily seeable by everyone. Below that you can put a little description about the product inside and the type of fault it is having.
  • Place the label on the top or front side of the box so one doesn’t has to look deeply for it. If the boxes will be put at the floor, place the label on the upper side where if there will be piles of these boxes in the storeroom, you should stick the label on the front side of the box.

Here is download link for above shown Defective Label Template,

Download Defective Label Template

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