Creative Meeting Agenda – Sample Template & Guidelines

By | September 20, 2016

If a person needs a creative agenda to represent what has been done in the meeting, he should opt a creative idea for this purpose. This agenda allows a person to stress more on the short meeting agenda and also permits him to highlight important information with different look & feel.

A good and most creative agenda must start with the Meeting Title, specifying briefly about what has been discussed in the meeting, as the main and top most entity. Other than that, there should be company’s logo, date & time of venue, agenda item title and its corresponding detail on this agenda document. These are the most important aspects of the agenda that makes it a useful document or a waste. It is advisable to draft out an agenda beforehand and before the meeting starts, and meeting with the core members of the upcoming meeting in order to jot down the main points and the description of this meeting earlier. It should be kept in mind that language sense is the most important thing that is to be strictly followed. Official language may differ from the everyday language, hence, great care must be taken while writing up this creative yet official agenda. Using different colors and unique theme will stand the agenda out from all others and will catch the eye, after all what a creative thing is all about?

Here is preview of a Free Creative Meeting Agenda Template created using MS Word,

Meeting Agenda Template

Here is download link for this Meeting Agenda Template,

Click here to download this Creative Meeting Agenda Template.

It is seen that meetings are usually a serious business and is attended by serious members while observing a pin drop silence, the person creating the agenda must respect the environment of the meeting otherwise, he may lose his job in the process of being creative. The environment and concept of meeting and company must not be forgotten.

To keep the agenda creative, do not forget to customize it. If you have downloaded any template for your creative agenda, it will be filled with example information, so that you know what to write, and where to write it so, customize it and exempt the unnecessary information. Replace it instead with data about your company. This includes the header; make sure that you add your logo, copyright text, and any other important details on the correct places.

Similarly, define each agenda piece in appropriate and official language in order to express briefly as what is going to be discussed in these agenda items in the proceeding meeting. The agenda items must be according to the requirements of the meeting and should not discuss the random topics. Do not add follow up things or actions in this list of your agenda. Do not include instructions or information regarding the participants in the agenda. This will only make this document irrelevant. If you wish to add any instructions or other important details, just add another paper and jot it down on that. The agenda must be simple and precise, as this is to provide a summary only. You can make an agenda as you think it will look good and presentable as well.

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