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Payment Receipt Template

Payment receipt is one of important documents for use in organizations and the main purpose of payment receipt is to keep a record of payment procedures accomplished in human resource department. Payment receipts are equally important for employees and human resource departments for maintaining their record. Payment receipts are used by all sorts of organizations… Read More »

Cash Receipt Template

Most of the time you have the only proof and that is a receipt, this receipt shows that you have of a transaction. While making any type of sale, a receipt is required to keep your records as well as for the buyers’ records. The receipt will play a vital role as it acts as… Read More »

Photography Receipt Template

Photography is an interesting and demanding business because on every occasion people require to have some memories of their special occasion and for this purpose they invite professional photographers. If you are in photography business and have expert skills to take photographs then you will surely get maximum clients. In order to manage the cash… Read More »

Taxi Receipt Template

Taxi driver can enjoy several tax deductions from federal income tax return on the basis of work related expenses. Tax deductions can be varied on the basis of different factors such as the taxi driver is worked as independent contractor or an employee as well as all expenses are reimbursed or you have lease your… Read More »

Property Receipt Template

If you own a property then you have to pay property taxes as well as it will be essential for you to show the source of property. Any confusion or missed document can lead you to the legal prosecution. It is important to keep all property receipts and taxes receipts for timely presentation. Personal property… Read More »