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Employee Appraisal Form

Employee Appraisals are a critical document to help management decide future of their intellectual assets. Usually Employee Appraisal Forms are kept confidential between top and middle management as per company policy however it can be made public on employee’s demand or complaint. The ultimate decision  is made by the top management based upon situation and circumstances… Read More »

Consumer Credit Application Template

Here is a professionally designed Consumer Credit Application Template created using MS Word for easy customization. When you deal with customers in day to day basis, you might come across a consumer looking for some credit to buy you products. In such case, you can offer this template as Credit Application Form along with your business… Read More »

Business Credit Application Template

Here is professional looking Business Credit Application Template created using MS Word. Business Credit plays an important role in modern day business activities specially if you are short of cash but don’t want to hinder your projects. Usually, bank provide a specific Credit Application Form but in case they ask you to send your own application,… Read More »

Sample Authorization Form

An Authorization is a person’s finalized permission to allow a protected enterprise to use or reveal the person’s secured information that is described in the Authorization for the purpose(s) and to the recipient(s) stated in the Authorization. An Authorization can be along with an advised approval paper or other permission to sign up in analysis.… Read More »

Job Application Template

Job application also known as cover letter is an important tool to hunt a right job for you. It is necessary to attach with your resume because job application is a great way to share your personality traits with your potential employer. Through job application, you can easily explain your worth for the organization to… Read More »