Cash Receipt Template

By | May 21, 2015

Most of the time you have the only proof and that is a receipt, this receipt shows that you have of a transaction. While making any type of sale, a receipt is required to keep your records as well as for the buyers’ records. The receipt will play a vital role as it acts as an agreement between the one who is selling something and the buyer. Nowadays to be on a safer side customers expects a proper receipt while making any type of purchase. Receipts always play an important role in any business, whether it’s a large scale business or operating at a small level. Transactions that are made on personal levels like if you are interested in selling a car, this also requires a receipt. The receipt is vital because if later on anything go wrong, there is proper evidence available about the time and date at which the transaction occurred and the amount paid, along with the method of payment is given on the receipt. There are some important contents that should be included in a cash receipt. Basically these things are required to make a complete cash receipt. Let’s discuss this important constituent. A receipt should have a list containing the name of your business, complete address. One more thing is required that is your contact information. Mention the exact date on which you purchased any particular product. Now customers’ information is also important and it should also be given on the receipt. Mention all necessary customer information along with the customer’s name and contact details.

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Cash Receipt Template

Detailed description of the product or items that you are selling should also be given. Include all kinds of necessary details about the product like mention the size, color and material if you are selling a shirt. If some kind of discount will be offered then it should also be given in a highlighted manner, include the original price of the item and related discount offer. The rate of tax should be given additionally. In case if there are any additional costs for the item being sold like shipping fees that should also be mentioned on the receipt. The total amount that is received should also be given importance. Also document the form of payment, if payment is done through a check do mention the check number. Write about other type information that is relevant such as the return policy or some kind of warranty offer. If you’ll add the number of your receipt this might help you in keeping a proper record of the sales. The unit price should be mentioned on the receipt with the amount of money given by the buyer. An ending remark or a comment at the bottom of the receipt gives a nice touch. It’s not compulsory but it gives a professional look to your receipt if the exact day and the month in which the deal is made is given on the cash receipt.. There are some people who love to keep a detailed record so they even list down the time of day at which the transaction is made. This kind of information can be really helpful for end-of-the-year income tax purposes and for products offering a warranty.

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