Car Show Flyer Template

By | June 25, 2016

Want to have some successful auto show event? Here are the guidelines to sum up in general, making your intended event the best through your main marketing tool ‘A car show flyer’. Many car makers, enthusiasts, car dealers, retailers, do plan for the car show for introducing a new product, or getting their customers accustomed with the up gradation in the existing product. Some event managers tries to organize such event for charity purposes. But again, the event should be successful in whatever purpose and it all depends upon how good you communicate the details to prospective participants.

First of all, you need to ‘plan’ for the cause of the car show, whether it would be for marketing of your product or charity and plan a theme accordingly. By theme, I mean the overall suitable allotment of space for the details of the show you need to convey to attendees. Details will surely include the date, time and venue of the show, and may also include the related fun filled activities like music concert by a band and availability of good food around. There should be some information on the flyer about the form of entry to event, either free or registration, and some QR code links and/or Facebook event link of the same. You need to keep in mind about the logical sequencing of the details, formed and presented in an eye-catchy manner with some contrasting colors. The font used should vary from small to large depending upon the importance of details. You would like to use the appropriate car (luxury, vintage etc.,) wallpaper in the background of the headings and details shown on the car show flyer, for seeking attention and interest of the prospective participants.

Here is preview of a Free Car Show Flyer Template created using MS Word by,


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Try to analyze and estimate the overall effect it would create on the intended readers and check if that is what you want to relate them to. For helping you more in details to be put on the flyer, you should consider such a date that has not booked with any other famous event in town. The venue decided should be the one that got easily accessible and spacious car parking. Like they say ‘food at events are bribe for enjoying the event’, so you could get some nicely arranged food stalls contacting famous food chain managers or could try your own at spot cooked BBQ meal if you want to go economical and save some bucks. If the event attendance is planned to be registered before or at spot of event, then you have to make necessary arrangements with link of website for form filling or the registration table at spot, seen and accessible through the entry to event. Make sure to conform to image creating words and images on the car show flyer, inciting joy and making positive mood of the viewers to the event.

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