Address Book Template

By | October 20, 2012

Address book is frequently used to collect your contact information about your friends and family members. It will help you to have better access to important contact numbers to call on them promptly in the time of need. You can make address book as flexible as you can because you can record important number, addresses, events , marriage party details and lot mote. It is best way to keep proper control over your business because without a strong client network it is not easy to run a successful business organization. It is necessary to have your own address book that is really easy to prepare using Microsoft Office because it has lots of user friendly features therefore you can design as well as maintain a perfect address book without any external assistant. It helps you to manage your relations with your personal as well as professional contacts anywhere anytime because you can transfer soft copy of your address book to your mobile to access it anywhere. Here is a good quality of Address Book Template,

Address Book Template

Reasons of Address Book

Some people cannot understand the importance of address book therefore they cannot enjoy the benefits of this book. Today I will share some reasons to create your own address book:

  • You can accumulate whole information at one place to remain in quick reach of your contacts. It is an easy way to store every kind of detail by categorizing it according to importance and type such as you can easily discriminate business as well as personal contacts.
  • You can prepare a separate section for important events such as birthday, Christmas, wedding, conference, business meeting, wedding anniversary etc. You can send gift and cards to your friends and family members according to incident.
  • It is excellent way to keep a perfect control over your business contacts including your larger customers and service providers. In order to enjoy maximum benefits of address book you can keep your address book in the close proximity of your phone, in your car and work table.
  • Address book helps you to include most common details about a person such as his/her name, address, phone number, business name and any other reference for your memory. You can also write your email address, cell phone number and website name of your business contacts.
  • In address book, you can create as many sections as you can, considering your convenience and memory. Through address book you can build strong relationships with your potential clients and customers because you can access your important contacts easily.
  • Address book can be yellow pages of phone book but unlike the yellow pages of phone book, you can add specific and accurate details according to your needs. Some people think that in presence of phone book there is no need of preparing address book but they are wrong because address book can make your work easy to search specific number of your friends and family members.
  • Address book can save your time of mingling with long list of contacts in order to search a specific number. In order to make your work easy, you can choose Microsoft Excel because it can make your search easy.

Here is download link for this Address Book Template,


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